This isn't just a waterproof camera.

  • What We Do

    SurfUp camera

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    We help surfers to film themselves with full autonomy thanks to our waterproof camera which follows you during your surf session.

    This camera is composed of a drone technology (allow to cross the wave), GPS system (allow to follow the surfer when he surfing the wave). Thanks to these technology and our GPS strap that the surfer wear, the camera follows the surfer from different point of view (GPS strap adjustment) and film his surf session in HighQuality.

  • Who We Are

    We're team of students from France working on this project since 3 months.

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    Clement Gonthier

    CEO & Co-founder

    Clement is a pro-surfer since he was 12. He tried to record himself many times surfing, he thought Surfup can change the way of film yourself.

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    Arthur Pages

    Sales manager & Co-founder

    Arthur has been working with different startup such as Lyft, Food truck agency... He loves help startuper to launch their business.